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Mr Junk Man! (and his ever expanding junk orchestra..) Shows & workshops.  For all ages and abilites!   Join Mr junkman on a musical discovery of found sounds and recycled objects from the home to the scrap yard. Instruments are built, and compositions are created, We ll explore rhtyhms to dance, soundscapes to relax and atmospheres to spook. The grand finale brings it all together with live looping for everyone to have a boogie.  




Music and recycling combined. Age Groups: Nursery / FS / KS1 / KS2 / KS3 Mr Junkman’s Show with Saul Eisenberg A Musical discovery from around the home and scrapyard. Materials & history unfold, science is explained, stories are told, rhythms & soundscape explored. Supports topics in recycling/sound/science/music.   Workshops. Become the Junk Orchestra & form a band! With my ever expanding tuned junk orchetsra, we’ll explore soundscapes from the twilight zone to foot stomping fun. We will learn how instruments are built. There is an instrument to suit everyone. Everybody plays – Including teachers. Workshops are pitched according to age, ability,  cirriculum & topic, Videos Audio recordings. INSTRUMENT BUILDING – sound, science, design. Supports topics of science/design and technology/music/geography – sustainability-recycling. Age Groups:…



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 The Soundgardens – Music and play everyday! Having instruments designed into a play area provides endless fun and creativity for all. It promotes music learning outside the classroom and helps young people find expression. I build permanent instruments that are tuned, weatherproof and durable. All installations can involve kids and parents to help build.  i custom build to your budget, needs and space. All my instruments are durable, and easy to maintain Please get in touch to arrange a free consultation. Click below to see our current online brochure Below are some videos of the instruments in action! The Soundgarden – Built at St Pauls The Big Build – children in need special with the BBC – DIY…


Performance and COMPOSITION


Junk Orchestra recording live at Tripspace. live at Tripspace 23 07 15 ;Junk orchestra live at the old dentist 31 07 2015Soundscape by Giles Leaman and Saul Eisenberg live at The Old Dentist 31 7 15                     Jamming with Brico Beat. Tripspace recording with Giles  14 12 14