Our Collaborator for dance based projects.

Tank and Trumpet
Come and listen to our duo!
Saul Eisenberg (myself) – Builds & plays tuned gas tanks
Steve Chadwick – Bb trumpet and cornet

Dennis Shavlena
Check out dennis – and his wonderful array of homemade instruments

Louis Moondog
Check out the wonderful late 21st century american composer – this space is a dedication – there is lots more to find on this wonderful man

Trip the Light Fantastic Junk Jam

The Junk Orchestra and all its madness together with Trip the Light creat a contact dance jam like no other…

The Flying Ties
Check out the kitch pop groove outfit!

How to make music with glass bottles
Details on how to make music with glass bottles can be found here, including some quite scientific info.

Make your own xylophone out of copper pipe
This site is called e how – its a great site for finding out all sorts of projects including videos to all sorts of projects including wooden and metal xylophones.

What makes a resonant sound board
.. here you can find out..?

Build your own oboe musical straws scroll further down to see drawing on how to do it… also contains a link to a calculator to work out tube lengths

Drums made out of old cardboard tubes
The lady makes wonderful drums out of old cardboard tubes.

Cigarbox Guitars
This site will tell you how to build your own cigar box guitar… you ll need a workshop though. And patience and a steady hand.

Sound for Health
See Johny Cope and his fab site !

Other Minds

Check out the fabulous trimpin and his art/music creations


Check out this fab multiinstrumentalist from Siberia !

Washing Band
Fab band – who’s drummer is a washing machine!

The Junk Jam
The Junk Jam promises to take you on a journey from footstomping madness to the twilight zone. The Junk Jam, played on my Junk Orchestra, is made up of fantastic musicians I have met over the years. Who knows were this will go…

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