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Click below to view more pics and video of kids jam at end of build

Instrument building workshops allow children to watch a show, build 3-4 instruments each.  Percussion, wind & string.  and create a recycled rock concert. 


Up to 4 classes per AM or PM. = 8 classes per day.  AM+PM

 Format per AM or PM

  1. Show-performance-inspire-demo-instructions.
  2. Instrument build in classes – facilitator circulate all classes to encourage children to evaluate their work. 
  3. Recycled rock concert back in hall.
    • All materials provided – children also collect recycled materials from home 


  • Hall or large clear classroom. Ground floor is requested. 
  • Free parking to unload. 

Fees. exc vat

  • Half day £199-299 / whole day £450-499 ( depending in class numbers ) ( BnB and fuel may be added for certain locations )
  • TBC bookings upon parental contributions is fine
  • parents are welcome to any workshop to get involved. 

Contact for a proposal & quote. 

  • Please email post code, numbers + date choices.

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TIMETABLE – click here.


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