preparation by school

Dear school and teacher

Below is the required preparation for the instrument building day

  1. letter home to kids.
  2. preparation by teachers for the day.


Dear Children. (and parents )

The (day / month / year ) is the Junk Orchestra – show + instrument building day! 

please collect the following items, clean and put in a bag for your children to build their musical instruments

2-4+ of each

Tin cans, lids off
Plastic; drinks bottles, Yoghurt pots, tubs  ( no cleaning fluid )
Cardboard cartons / shoe boxes ( NO cereal boxes )
Tubes, toilet, poster etc..

OptionalBamboo cane, kebab stick etc.. 

More Junk = variety of instruments = dynamic music = megafun!  

Teachers – Classroom preparation. per class. 


  1. 4 bags of cheap dried beans/ macaroni  (no lentils or rice)
  2. A 200 Box of elastic bands  ( various sizes are required )

Classroom resources to use. 

  1. Classroom scissors..
  2. Paper towels. – for drying
  3. Paint mix trays – for beans
  4. Paint brushes (  they will not be used for painting )
  5. Box of pencils ( they will not be used for drawing )
  6. Masking tape**

**to noteearly years – teachers – please mask tape the tin edges b4 workshop.- 10 min job.

Room set up. 

  1. Chairs stacked to side
  2. Tables set into 4 groups = 4 instruments

Place resources on tables

  1. large handful of elastic bands
  2. Several scissors
  3. Few paper towels
  4. handful o long pencils
  5. Paint trays with various beans.


  • Create a ‘junk yard’ in room. / Empty bags into central point / store bags.
  • Children can share, chosing their required items for each design.

Children will follow the designs in the show

The facilitator will circulate the classes, maintain and evaluate the work.


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